tres drole

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Had strange dreams last night of taking drugs and waking up naked in the park with other such people and all of us being very... amused by it. Also that someone was trying to kill me. I think I need to get out of the house.

I know I should get some cleaning done and other such errands but am tempted instead to steal my dad's copy of Wired and watch Perry Mason. Is it a credit or an insult to the show that I must have seen most episodes already yet cannot usually remember whodunnit? Of course, it has been a while. Me and Raymond Burr were best buds back during school breaks. I am aaanncient!

Speaking of which my birthday is in two weeks. Must find something exciting to do. Oh, how I wish I were not born in dreary February! The beach sounds so lovely. (And free)
Mary Rogers

denshired admetos

woke up at midnight, forced self back to sleep until four am. stubbornly remained in bed until angry stomach insisted on being fed. have had no appetite lately. have lost over ten pounds in past five days. am trying to suppress secret elation for weight loss with horror for the unhealthy habits that have caused it. must stop writing in telegraphese. stop.

I love math in strange ways. I cannot resist completing the equation. Random things. I now know that in the past five years plus, or 276 weeks I have had lj my entries average to one per week. May this information lead me to great prosperity. Also, I like to keep track of my gas mileage in part because I get to do long division. There, now you know the dirty truth.

Must go find lunch.. and perhaps trek to the library?
Mary Rogers

"If no one will be your friend you should make one" ... out of dead things

Ugh! am full of sickness!

I have trudged down to the basement for the first time in months in order to use the computer. Now I remember why I do not like it down here: it is stinky, cold, and there is a monster that yells at you for the first ten minutes or so. I'm not sure if it is a territory thing, or just general complaining.

The computer is my friend because it does not care that I am full of disgusting sickness. It cannot be infected.
The computer is not my friend because it secretly speeds up time when i am not paying attention in order to eat my life. I just spent thirty minutes looking at wigs.

I am currently taking any tips, hints or pointers in my pursuit of gainful employment (or ungainful, I have much free time). Feel free to drop something in the suggestion box found below.

I have to say, this wig idea is brilliant. It will make an excellent disguise allowing me to move freely amongst normal people. Now I need only to learn their strange mode of speech!

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There is a band out there somewhere named Siddal, how perfect is that? It makes me so sad that they... kinda suckish. They should not be allowed to bogart such an excellent name. Also, am very depressed that summer is slipping away without spontaneous beach fun. Must find excuse to drive to beach.

Am loathing thoughts of 5 am wake-up call tomorrow. Anybody have creative alternatives to employment?

If this were my list of things to do today I would be a very accomplished person:
Make jack-ass of self at work.. check.
Purchase supplies needed to patch car seat, but not do the actual work.. check.
Instead of exercising, decide to watch cartoons while drinking soda pop and eating chik'n nuggets... check.
Make assinine lj entry to prove continued existence... check

I suppose I should at least shower
Mary Rogers

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my drug bike, here forward to be known as "happy jack", is missing a cable. Luckily it is probably the least important, but still essential for my needs. Unfortunately, I know I will NEVER fix it. That would require mo-ti-va-tion.

Am very excited about unwork this weekend. Although I know I will end up staying late Thursday trying to predict the future so as to know what to order for tuesday. Also, I already told Shalini I would come in on Monday to do the paperwork that needs to be sent in by noon. My weekend is quickly getting whittled down.

Sushi Party test was a success. Now to make real plans...
Mary Rogers

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I started riding bike again.. my legs feel all rubbery. Oh, and it is a drug trafficking bike! But it is going to have to go clean now that it is with me. I'll help it through it's withdrawals.

I ran into a boy I was sweet on back in college. It is odd to see old crushes, but I can still see what sparked my interest. I seem to dig guys with goofy laughs.

August will be the month of planning a meal for 600 people. I see many stressful dreams in my future.
tres drole

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I felt very strange walking down the street with my mum's american flag umbrella. She got it free when she was in New York. Umbrellas are like T-shirts in that they are human billboards, only far more eyecatching. Naturally I felt uncomfortable advertising "God Bless America". It is sad to me that we finally took prayer out of school, but we cannot take it off our money.

Tonight's goal: consume large amounts of sushi. Also, stop somewhere and get cigarettes. And possibly sunchips. It is going to be a delicious evening!
Mary Rogers

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I have escaped work for a long weekend. No work, no thinking about work.

My father said I looked like a sailor the other night.. I could be a sailor. Other than my fear of falling into the ocean to no one's notice and drowning alone in the freezing darkness. I am not afraid of the dark. I am not afraid of water, or freezing, or even drowning particularly. I think I am, however, afraid of loneliness. I do very strange things when left to my own devices

Speaking of my father, he is in the other room cleaning the cat box, grumbling all the way through it. He has listed off his entire history of cleaning cat boxes for other people's cats. Also, that he doesn't even like cats. And I think I heard something about how god must be a cat.

Oh, yes, I have my own phone now.. for people to (not) call me on. Crap, it doesn't spell anything. Stupid zeros and ones not having letter designations. I will just have to fake my way through it. Zero shall be "O", I think that makes sense. And one shall be "B", randomly and for my own amusement. My OK bug. Too bad I do not own a bug of mediocre quality. Eh, better than nothing.
Mary Rogers

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Ran some errands, wish that made me feel productive. But really I was just spending money. Still feel hateful and sick and.. constantly on the verge of tears. Gah! Stupid mood swings!