nitelite (nitelite) wrote,

I have escaped work for a long weekend. No work, no thinking about work.

My father said I looked like a sailor the other night.. I could be a sailor. Other than my fear of falling into the ocean to no one's notice and drowning alone in the freezing darkness. I am not afraid of the dark. I am not afraid of water, or freezing, or even drowning particularly. I think I am, however, afraid of loneliness. I do very strange things when left to my own devices

Speaking of my father, he is in the other room cleaning the cat box, grumbling all the way through it. He has listed off his entire history of cleaning cat boxes for other people's cats. Also, that he doesn't even like cats. And I think I heard something about how god must be a cat.

Oh, yes, I have my own phone now.. for people to (not) call me on. Crap, it doesn't spell anything. Stupid zeros and ones not having letter designations. I will just have to fake my way through it. Zero shall be "O", I think that makes sense. And one shall be "B", randomly and for my own amusement. My OK bug. Too bad I do not own a bug of mediocre quality. Eh, better than nothing.

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