nitelite (nitelite) wrote,

There is a band out there somewhere named Siddal, how perfect is that? It makes me so sad that they... kinda suckish. They should not be allowed to bogart such an excellent name. Also, am very depressed that summer is slipping away without spontaneous beach fun. Must find excuse to drive to beach.

Am loathing thoughts of 5 am wake-up call tomorrow. Anybody have creative alternatives to employment?

If this were my list of things to do today I would be a very accomplished person:
Make jack-ass of self at work.. check.
Purchase supplies needed to patch car seat, but not do the actual work.. check.
Instead of exercising, decide to watch cartoons while drinking soda pop and eating chik'n nuggets... check.
Make assinine lj entry to prove continued existence... check

I suppose I should at least shower

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